Application of waterproof wire pressing cap in electrical construction


Yuyao Jiaowei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in the production and processing of waterproof wire caps. Main products: intelligent antifreeze drip valve, intelligent antifreeze drip tap, water pump antifreeze heater, waterproof wiring cap, fine small electric ball valve, etc.
未标题-2.jpgBecause of good contact, good insulation, convenient operation and low cost, waterproof wire pressing cap has been widely used. Waterproof crimping cap: a connecting device specially used for fastening and hinge of cables; no matter whether the cable is two strands of butt joint or multi strand branches, the waterproof crimping cap can fasten and hinge more than two strands of cables with different diameters into a safe and reliable insulated terminal head.

Application of waterproof pressure cap:
Crimping cap wiring is widely used in outdoor construction and temporary power construction. In the electrical construction of construction engineering, the wiring can be fast and reliable according to the operation specification by using the special wiring clamp and selecting the matching specification wire cap.

Advantages of waterproof wire cap:
The advantages of waterproof wire cap are fast connection, high construction efficiency and good reliability. In the electrical construction of construction engineering, many connectors may be exposed to the outdoor, which is easy to be soaked in rain, and there are many hidden dangers such as leakage.

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